Tuesday 17 Oct 2017
It will not do to say that you have no special call to go to China.  With these facts before you and with the command of the Lord Jesus to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, you need rather to ascertain whether you have a special call to stay at home. - Hudson Taylor-

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Bladder Tank Woes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Earl   
Monday, 24 October 2011 22:03
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We have been experiencing some "transient" leaks on our left, outboard fuel tank.  Sometimes it leaks, sometimes it doesn't(?)  I opened all the panels, inspected for blue stains (indicating a fuel leak), and tightened all the screws and/or bolts that are on top.  Maybe it was one or more of the cork gaskets leaking when the cold gas was put in and started expanding as it warmed up?  We'll see on one of the next flights!

Thanks for checking in!


Church Planting

Manley Baptist Fellowship is a group of Believers who either live in, or within 40 miles of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.  It is not unusual for folks to fly in, boat or 4-wheeler in (in the summer), snow machine in (in the winter), or just walk in for services on Sunday!


Maintenance Matters

Mission Air Care maintains and inspects, six (6) missionary airplanes.  Two - Cessna 206's.  One - Cessna 207.  One - Cessna 172.  One - Piper Navajo.  One - Aerostar.



Without MAC five young men wouldn't have been saved

Your friendship and help over the years has been a real blessing. Without MAC (Mission Air Care) five young men wouldn't have been saved. These young men are still active in our ministry and helped all week with VBS.


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