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We have emphasized sermon-preparation until we have lost sight of the most important thing to prepare - the heart - E.M. Bounds

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Home News Prayer Letters April 2011
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Written by Earl   
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 23:18
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Dear Prayer Partners, April 2011

 News flash! Snow is deceptive. That's right! It quietly drops down from heaven, layer after layer, applying numerous blankets of pure white, giving the appearance everything is clean and pure. Then comes Spring! Temperatures rise, the layers of snow slowly evaporate and reveal the “multitudes of sin” hidden from the human eye! God told us through His prophet: “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Praise the Lord that once our sins are washed by the Blood of The Lamb, they will never be brought up again! Cast into the deepest sea! As far as the east is from the west! Remembered no more!

That's why missionaries from around the world leave all that's dear to them to share this blessed news. It can be difficult to put into words the joy felt when you witness a soul receive this truth and God transform that soul into a new creature! Please pray for a couple we've had the joy of watching just such a transformation occur in. Their names are Angel and Shawn. Thank the Lord for a sweet spirit in church services at Manley this winter. Some aren't able to travel from the surrounding areas to meet together, so our numbers are down to about 12-15. One of our regulars is currently traveling solo to the geographic North Pole in his single engine airplane. Both he and his wife would covet your prayers for a safe and successful trip.

 Thank the Lord for good friends and good help. Earl has been working to transform the Piper Chieftain from a tropics tour plane into an Alaskan, Arctic work horse, and had has a few unexpected challenges. Despite your best efforts, they will come. Fortunately, God has given us talented friends who gladly come up to help. We thank the Lord for Tore Mitchell, Don Wright, and Terry Rushing, who came up to help Earl methodically go through the plane to ensure that it is ready for service in The Lord's Work. No one denies God gave us this plane to use for Him, so He obviously has work to be done with it. When God spoke to Moses and asked, “What is that in thy hand”? It was just a rod, but when used properly, it brought glory to God. That's our desire for this plane. There are three more annual inspections that have to be completed by the end of May.

 Thank the Lord for safety in flying. Missionary Kevin Smith, from Savoonga, asked us to share something with you. We brought his family (7 total) to Fairbanks for a two week R&R. He figured it would have cost $11,550 for airfare, lodging, and shipping of supplies had he come out commercially. Even with rising fuel prices, it cost him $3,500 to come out and stay with us. To quote Kevin, “So yes, you are doing very well or might I say we are able to do it because of you. Without what you do it would not be possible. Thank you Jesus, thank you God, and thank you Bro. Earl and Mission Air Care. I pray you can share this email with all your supporting churches”. When you support us, you support others too.

 Thank you to all who have been praying for Lynn's health to improve. We can see God working. She has been in far less pain since the middle of March. The Lord gives grace and strength to deal with trials, but it sure is refreshing when storm winds calm down for a time.


Church Planting

Manley Baptist Fellowship is a group of Believers who either live in, or within 40 miles of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.  It is not unusual for folks to fly in, boat or 4-wheeler in (in the summer), snow machine in (in the winter), or just walk in for services on Sunday!


Maintenance Matters

Mission Air Care maintains and inspects, six (6) missionary airplanes.  Two - Cessna 206's.  One - Cessna 207.  One - Cessna 172.  One - Piper Navajo.  One - Aerostar.



Without MAC five young men wouldn't have been saved

Your friendship and help over the years has been a real blessing. Without MAC (Mission Air Care) five young men wouldn't have been saved. These young men are still active in our ministry and helped all week with VBS.


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