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I will go down, if you will hold the ropes.  --William Carey--

                                                                 (His missions philosophy)

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Home News Prayer Letters August 2013
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Written by Earl   
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 14:03
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August 2012

Dear Pastor and Friends,

As I am writing this update, we are winding down our furlough which has been used of the Lord in many ways.  Lynn has gained back a measure of her health, we’ve been blessed to renew old friendships and gain new ones visiting and updating our supporting churches, we’ve enjoyed the time we have had with family, and Jeremiah is now ready for Bible College.  Our plans are to leave the Hall’s farm (and our family and friends) here in the Carolina's and head towards

Fargo, ND to Master’s Baptist College the third week of August, and onto Alaska shortly after that.

Dave and Pat Crispell have been a huge help filling in for us in Manley Hot Springs, holding services and even doing some work around the cabin.  Since this furlough extended much longer than any of us expected, Darryl Moore had to take on more responsibility teaching than he expected, but has done a wonderful job.  God has kept things going in this small village and Christians have grown while we have been gone.  Denny Daugherty, long time friend, commercial pilot, and member of Bible Baptist in Fairbanks, has kept most of the flying side of the ministry going.  And our Great & Mighty God has answered your prayers, granted safety, fruit for the labor, and (we trust) He has been glorified.

Lynn and I going back without Jeremiah is not the only big change we will be experiencing when we return to Alaska.  Over the last few years, God has been working in wonderful ways in the village of Manley.  He has saved a number of people and drawn some of His children even closer to Him.  Almost all of those who have trusted Christ as their Saviour have been baptised in the hot springs.  Attendance on Sunday mornings has grown from 4-6 up to 25-30 regular attendees, with jumps up to 50-55 on big days.  Along the way, prayers and preparations have been made for a God called pastor to move into Manley.  But until that happens, there is a clear responsibility to feed the flock and disciple new Christians that God has entrusted us with.  Perhaps our Lord would have us train our replacement?  Regardless, I feel we need and clear leading to move into Manley in order to fulfill this responsibility.  

You can help during these changes by praying for some specific things, if you wouldn’t mind.  Would you ask our Lord to help Jeremiah to enjoy himself at college?  He’s like every college freshman who leaves home, not knowing what to expect, etc…  Also, the house we are moving into is “off the grid” and there are some things we could use that would make it more comfortable to live in.  We could use a 4-5KW generator to operate a well pump.  It would also be nice if I had the funds and time to install a septic system before the ground freezes in October.  That way, we won’t have to use the outhouse during the times of -40 -60F.  I believe I have someone in Fairbanks who will help me cut, split, and stack the estimated 6 chords of firewood that I think we’ll need.  Perhaps you could pray that doesn’t fall through.  Thank you for your prayers in these matters.  I can’t call them genuine needs, but they sure would make life easier!

I’d like to thank each of you for your prayers and financial gifts.  It is an honor to be an extension of your ministry, and we are working hard to bring honor to our Lord!  I’ll be back in touch sometime after the 85 hours of driving from the Carolinas to our new home!!

  Earl, Lynn, & Jeremiah Malpass


Church Planting

Manley Baptist Fellowship is a group of Believers who either live in, or within 40 miles of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.  It is not unusual for folks to fly in, boat or 4-wheeler in (in the summer), snow machine in (in the winter), or just walk in for services on Sunday!


Maintenance Matters

Mission Air Care maintains and inspects, six (6) missionary airplanes.  Two - Cessna 206's.  One - Cessna 207.  One - Cessna 172.  One - Piper Navajo.  One - Aerostar.



Without MAC five young men wouldn't have been saved

Your friendship and help over the years has been a real blessing. Without MAC (Mission Air Care) five young men wouldn't have been saved. These young men are still active in our ministry and helped all week with VBS.


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