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It will not do to say that you have no special call to go to China.  With these facts before you and with the command of the Lord Jesus to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, you need rather to ascertain whether you have a special call to stay at home. - Hudson Taylor-

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Written by Earl   
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 00:00
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Dear Pastor and Friends,                        November 2013

Hello from Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.  When we last wrote you, we were still in the Carolinas preparing for the 85 hour drive back here to Alaska.  Well, we have been back here for 2 ½ months now, and have been frantically trying to get prepared for winter before it arrive with it's below 0 temperatures and snow.  I will never be "caught up," but it's -10F outside, and while I'm warming up, I figured it would be a good time get you guys "caught up" on how the Lord is answering your prayers, and to give you some fresh requests.

The trip across this continent didn't disappoint.  From the Smokey Mountains,

to the horse farms of Kentucky, to wheat farms through the Dakotas and Canada, we enjoyed the beauty of this great land.  The only trouble we had with our truck and camper was a major tire blow out on the camper.  Our son, Jeremiah opted out of college just before we left and then followed us back to Alaska.  His truck broke down twice, and delayed us almost a week over all.  I think this was my 9th trip driving the Alcan.  You never know what you are going to see or experience.  Thank you to those who prayed for our safety and traveling mercies.

Once we arrived in Fairbanks, there was no time to catch our breath.  Numerous 8 hour round trips from Fairbanks to Manley where accomplished without any breakdowns, and we were soon living in our house/cabin.  You might remember that we don't have electricity or phone to our house.  We have a satellite internet service for email when we power up our generator.  We get our voice mail when we come into town, so email is the best way to contact us.

Church services have been going well since we have been back.  It has been a blessing to have more time to visit with, and get to know folks around the community.  Living in the community should give us more opportunities to share the Gospel and have an impact in lives.  The first weekend in November was a special time.  A man who several in the church had been praying for, trusted Christ!  What a blessing for all of us to watch as some sowed, some watered, and God gave the increase!  Please pray for Don as he grows in the Lord.

For those of you who prayed for our last prayer requests, you'll be glad to hear that our Lord provided us with a generator, and about four chords of wood.  We need almost twice that amount of wood, but we were blessed to have some folks help us get this first batch.  Now that the temps are below zero, I'll be able to take a snow machine (also provided by the Lord) to a pile of seasoned wood.  I am searching for a good freight sled to pull behind the snow machine now.  We also received some quality help from Brothers John Pinnix and Randy Saxon.  They did some structural improvements to our poorly built roof, added insulation, and improved our generator set up and house wiring.  We did have running hot and cold water and shower, but that went away on a very cold night.  Oh well.  A dry cabin is less work anyway.

I'd like to thank Agnew Road and Emmanuel Baptist churches for their special financial gifts.  It made it possible to get the septic tank in.  Lynn really appreciates that!!  But it is your prayers that we can't do without.  They sustain and keep us as our Lord answers each of them.

Earl, Lynn, & Jeremiah Malpass

Note our new mailing address!
PO Box 133    Manley Hot Springs, AK   99756


Church Planting

Manley Baptist Fellowship is a group of Believers who either live in, or within 40 miles of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.  It is not unusual for folks to fly in, boat or 4-wheeler in (in the summer), snow machine in (in the winter), or just walk in for services on Sunday!


Maintenance Matters

Mission Air Care maintains and inspects, six (6) missionary airplanes.  Two - Cessna 206's.  One - Cessna 207.  One - Cessna 172.  One - Piper Navajo.  One - Aerostar.



Without MAC five young men wouldn't have been saved

Your friendship and help over the years has been a real blessing. Without MAC (Mission Air Care) five young men wouldn't have been saved. These young men are still active in our ministry and helped all week with VBS.


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