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About MAC

Mission Air Care is a purposeful fundamental, baptistic, missionary cooperative designed to plant, and service other fundamental church planters. Established in 2001, MAC provided logistical support to affiliated ministries that work in Alaska. Because of a sharp, prolong decrease in the need for missionary aviation in Alaska, God moved and expanded the ministry of MAC to include all of North America. MAC is now based in North Carolina, and reaches into Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Our full-service ministry created to assist church planters as they strive to fulfill "The Great Commission" and meet the spiritual needs of families who live in remote areas and those who have been devastated by natural disasters. MAC desires to do this in a way that will "Promote a high view of God in our aviation ministries."


Who We Are

Mission Air Care is a non-profit, Christian ministry which is deeply rooted into church planting throughout eastern North America. Brother Earl Malpass resigned as operations supervisor of a major turbine engine repair & overhaul facility and moved his family to North Pole, AK in 2001. Once there he, by God's grace, established Mission Air Care with the desire to "promote a high view of God in their village and aviation ministries." God moved MAC to the "Lower-48" in 2016, where we do much of the same type of work as we did in Alaska. We have affiliated missionaries in Northern Maine, Florida, and many places in between.

What We Do

In remote areas of the world, it is expensive and difficult to live and minister in villages without road service to the outside world. Therefore, MAC is organized as a Baptist Cooperative based in North Carolina. The ministry is not limited to just a flying service, but includes temporary missionary housing, storage, purchasing, expediting, aircraft maintenance, flights incidental to the ministry, and logistical support to affiliated, like minded ministries. By God's grace, MAC has been able to assist several missionaries in survey trips to villages, as well as train several missionary interns for service in the Lord's Army. MAC has even used innovative means to get the Gospel into the hands of dog mushers by handing out John & Romans at scores of dog sled races in Alaska. We are missionaries first!

How We Do It

Anything good that is done, to God be the glory. We'll take the blame for everything else! MAC is a traditional faith-based ministry existing by the generous prayers and gifts of churches and friends. Gifts are sent through Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples, a 501c3 corporation based in Jacksonville, FL. The Malpass' are members of and are sent out of Twin Rivers Baptist Church in New Bern, NC. Equipment and special projects are funded by designated gifts and offerings.


Promoting a High View of God Through Our Aviation Ministry