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Dear Prayer Partners, 

“But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak;” (1 Thes. 2:4) Our weak human nature is slow to trust people. We don’t want to risk losing something valuable. However, our Heavenly Father lovingly entrusted us with something of eternal value. “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” – C.T. Studd

It has been a blessed time visiting supporting churches and sharing what our Lord has accomplished, and how He is leading us forward. The churches, who have asked us for an update, have been very receptive and pleased with God’s clear guidance and blessings.

The aircraft maintenance side of the ministry has slowed a bit during these last summer months. Until recently, I’ve worked out of Canaan Field, with Bro. Jack Hunt, but I need to finish getting our hangar unpacked and set up to operate efficiently. Working to complete the hangar and visiting churches in SC, NC, and CT has kept me busy lately.

The project plane, (dubbed “Zulu Project” by Anchor B.C.) has through the paperwork process. This aircraft will be a blessing to another missionary pilot in Alaska. In fact, I traveled to inspect and perform some upgrades on this missionary’s current, smaller plane the last week of August. I was privileged to travel with him to the village of Circle. I turned a Bible study that I started there, over to him 12 years ago. To some, this may not fit the picture you have as mission work, but these airplanes are tools for The Master’s use. Just as the colt carried Jesus into Jerusalem for His triumphant entry, so these airplanes are used to carry the Gospel of Christ into remote places. Your prayers and support make it possible for the Gospel of Christ to be brought into these villages.

Our Lord has allowed me to meet people at the airport here in NC. Each one has a soul that will spend eternity in heaven or hell. I’m slowly gaining their trust as we get to know each other. I use Alaska flying stories to catch their interest. Please ask our Lord to give me holy boldness and discernment, as I witness to the lost, and encourage the saved. There are two men specifically I’m reaching out to currently.

In our last update, I introduced you to Brother Chris Holaday. The second addition to the Mission Air Care team is Brother Nate Holmes. As a pastor’s son, Nate has been “in the ministry” all his life. Nate and his family have been active in local church ministry, and has a strong desire to serve our Lord in the aviation ministry. Nate, like Chris, has followed MAC via our prayer letters, website, and social media for years. God has blessed Nate in business and doesn’t need to raise monthly support in order to help MAC. Nate is also a pilot, and his organizational skills and “can-do” attitude will be a great asset to what God is putting together here. I truly believe these families are an answer to prayers. When we left Alaska, I strongly sensed God was going to grow this aviation ministry, but I didn’t know how. Now, our faith is being rewarded.

There’s nothing to report on my health. I’m in a special study group, and will continue to be monitored closely for 4 more years. They hope to reduce the number of treatments required someday, and my case is one of many they are using to prove they can. Lynn’s health hasn’t changed. Now, Jeremiah is struggling with his health. The doctors can’t seem to get him better. He has had several tests, but nothing conclusive yet. Please pray for his healing.

Again, Thank you for your prayers, love, and support! We’re finding we need them more each day.


Promoting a High View of God Through Aviation Ministry